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For many educators, finding teaching jobs in Abu Dhabi can prove both an exciting, yet challenging, endeavor. Knowing that you are ready to teach in Abu Dhabi is only the first step in a successful educational engagement. As a teacher traveling abroad, you must feel confident that the teaching jobs in Abu Dhabi you apply for will not only be safe, but allow you to achieve the educational goals and objectives you have set for yourself. With over 30 years of operational history, AIDC is an established and proven partner for educators looking to make a direct impact in an international classroom, not only in Abu Dhabi, but in schools throughout the world.


Successfully Teaching In Abu Dhabi Using The New School Model

What sets AIDC apart from other organizations offering teaching jobs in Abu Dhabi? At AIDC, we understand that our educators will need to effectively balance innovative teaching methods with both classroom and cultural traditions found in this part of the world. At AIDC, our mission is to use our time in the international classroom to produce world-class learners prepared for success with any venture they undertake. In order to effectively achieve our collective mission, ADEC has adapted the “New School Model,” a powerful educational resource for both teachers and students alike.

ADEC are implementing the New School Model in phases, with a completion date of 2016 for all grade levels to be immersed in this educational approach. The core concept of the New School Model stems from our fundamental philosophy that all students can thrive when placed in a positive learning environment. When partnering with ADEC to teach in Abu Dhabi, ADEC will work closely with you to help you master the New School Model and its three key concepts that will help set you up for optimal success. These three core values include:

Moving beyond rote memorizing: Using the New School Model when teaching in Abu Dhabi means committing to so much more than simply having your students simply memorize and recite materials. Instead, we will help you develop an educational approach that stimulates an interactive engagement and encourages independent, sustainable learning.

Fostering a positive environment: It’s no secret that the learning environment can have a major impact on students’ overall educational experience. When teaching in Abu Dhabi, our educators know how to set up quality learning environments to foster a stimulating and positive classroom engagement.

Emphasis on a bi-literate experience: ADEC firmly believe that helping students master both Arabic and English is the best way to prepare them for future global success. That’s why we place a heavy emphasis on helping our educators achieve a successful bi-literate classroom experience throughout the entire engagement.


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If you are ready to change the world, one classroom at a time, you may be ready to teach in Abu Dhabi. Contact us today at 1-941-496-9410 or email us at enquiry@aidcinc.com for more information on available educational engagements. To learn more about the application process, click here.


AIDC Company Overview

AIDC Inc., incorporated in 1992 in Florida, USA and our sister Organization, Canada Education Commission International in Toronto, Canada has been operating internationally since 1980.

AIDC & Caneducom over the past 30 years plus, have successfully completed hundreds of projects in more than 50 Nations in the International Education and Human Resource Development Sector including Educator Recruitment, Education, Training, Career Guidance and Counseling, ‘One Stop’ Employment & Training Centers; and a wide range of other Human Resource Development, and HRD consulting projects embracing – Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Education, including Technical Colleges, Vocational Training Institutions and University level consultancies.

AIDC is organized, managed and operated by Seasoned International Development Professionals, and provides consultancy services upon a worldwide basis to Industralizing Nations in the fields of Education and Training, Technical Assistance, Human Resource Development and Management encompassing all project cycle components, from feasibility, to design through implementation and post project evaluation and monitoring

Founded in the twentieth century, 30 years ago; AIDC values and vision are dynamically focused on 21st century performance enhancements of our public and private sector client organizations.

AIDC philosophy is to provide our international clients with the Human Resource Management and Development assistance they require to solve problems internally, through development of their own personnel capacities and capabilities to maximize potential organizational performance enhancement.

It is therefore our responsibility and intense passion, to ensure that the most appropriate leading edge and contemporary technologies are transferred to meet client needs. We further anticipate and communicate evolving future developments that are of significant qualitative and quantitative benefits to our clients, plus providing comprehensive, and measurable enhancement of organizational performance for our Clients.

Since inception in 1980 in Canada and 1992 in the USA, we have successfully completed projects in more than 50 countries, including assignments in the nations of Algeria, Australia, Barbados, Belize, Bolivia, Britain, Botswana, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Egypt, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Sri-Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Trinidad, United Arab Emirates, United States of America, Venezuela, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.



Consultant Specialists required for two projects in Abu Dhabi and one project in Kuwait. Click Here For Details.

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